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Scientists Against the Possibility Of Real Dinosaurs

SAPORD Organization


Scientists crafting “dinosaur bones” apparently from thin air.  Where’s the real bones guys?


Our Goal:

                 At SAPORD the goal is to finally disprove the existence of dinosaurs as we know them today.

Our Evidence:

                 No photo or video evidence of dinosaurs.  Not a single eye witness account.  No real bones.  Exaggerated dimensions of the supposed creatures.  No cause for extinction.  No dinosaurs ever captured alive or hunted.  If crocodiles were able to survive from the Jurassic period, where are the other great “beasts” of prehistoric time?  Our evidence is their lack of evidence.

Team Members:

Founder and President: Dr. Andrew McMillin

                 Dr. McMillin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Mercyhurst College of Erie, PA..  He then went on to pursue his doctorate in archeology at the prestigious Yale University.  McMillin has traveled around the globe at various excavation sites and founded SAPORD based on his findings and ideas in early 1984.

Head Researcher: Vincent Hunter

                 Hunter was the first official member of the SAPORD team after Dr. McMillin and is in charge of all research studies.

Team Secretary: Joshua Millin

                 Millin is the man working behind the scenes.  He schedules the organization’s appointments and sets up travel arrangements.

Technology Expert:  Mike Rush

                 Rush is in charge of the technical side of things, keeping the website running and posting findings.



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